Installing a whirlybird to your container is a simple and cost-effective method of internal temperature control. Roof-mounted whirlybird vents help remove hot air and fumes from the storage space, keeping your container cool and ventilated.

Whirlybirds work by rotating as wind blows through the turbine, and the resultant turning motion creates a mild vacuum effect that pulls warm air from the interior and then expels it via the vents. As a result, whirlybird installation is an extremely cost-effective way to ventilate and temperature control your shipping container, and their smart design prevents rain or debris from entering your container but allows maximum airflow.

Installing a whirlybird vent is a quick process that Online Containers offers at minimal cost. We can install whirlybird ventilation into any container modification and instantly turn your shipping container or containerised building into a more comfortable space to spend time.

Installing whirlybird ventilation is also a very good idea when the goods being stored within the container give off fumes or need sufficient airflow and temperature regulation.

For more information or cost options for container modifications such as whirlybirds, air conditioning, insulation and more, give us a call today. We operate in all major cities including, but not limited to, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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