Having electricity connected to your container makes using power tools, charging batteries and running extension leads outside of the container a breeze. Online Containers are able to install power points in your container for 10AMP, 15AMP or 32AMP and single or three phase.

Once you install electrical powerpoints you immediately transform your shipping container into a functional space. Whether you want to use your modified container as an office space, workstation or living area, electricity is a crucial component.

Online Containers’ power outlet installations allow you to run machinery and appliances inside your container, or use your container as a power source from which you can use extension cords to supply equipment outside.

Electrical outlets are quick to install and Online Containers has a range of options available to choose from.

No containerised building is complete without electricity. If you’d like to add sockets or other mods to your shipping container, give us a call today.

We build shipping containers and carry out container modifications in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and beyond.

No matter what type of shipping container or modification you’re interested in, Online Containers will be able to help you. Get in touch for more information and pricing options.

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