In addition to an electrical fitout, if temperature control is a requirement in your container, Online Containers can supply and install an air conditioner. A wall mounted box style air conditioner or a fully recessed split system can be installed to keep you cool, even in the harshest Australian weather conditions.

Aircon is not only critical for containers that store temperature-sensitive goods, but also for containerised buildings that have undergone modifications that make them fit to use as an office, recreational or living space.

Once installed, an air conditioning unit requires minimal maintenance and can be used to regulate the room temperature and keep it consistent. Air conditioners also dehumidify the air; ensuring that you are more comfortable and your storage goods last longer. If your cargo is extremely moisture sensitive, you can also install a dehumidifier in addition to your aircon.

Our aircons are energy efficient units and, if installed in an insulated container, will be even more cost-effective to run.

We supply standard and modified shipping containers to organisations and individuals across Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and more.

If you’d like to find out more about our air conditioning installations, container modifications or installation costs, feel free to contact us today for a quick quote.

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